*Erykah Badu talks about homeschooling, homebirths and more in a new interview with Babble. The 38-year-old singer says she felt compelled to homeschool son Seven Sirius, 11 ½, through kindergarten and first-grade.

“I wanted to give [him] special attention academically, to give him an advantage,” she said. The results? Seven “learned how to solve problems in a nontraditional way” which has served him well now that he is enrolled in a traditional school. “He developed an edge in his schoolwork,” notes Badu. “He enjoys challenges…He pushes himself…He does his homework voluntarily. “He does not want to miss school or be late or be untidy or not have his things in order because that was a big part of how he was brought up. I don’t have any idea what Seven is going to choose to do, but he knows how to be disciplined and how to learn, and because of that he’s one of the top students in his school, and one of the top students in Dallas.”

Citing “parents not participating in kids’ schooling,” as her biggest parental pet peeve, Erykah adds, “I don’t think it matters what school you go to, but I think it’s important for parents to be involved. And to know that when school stops, learning continues, and to continue teaching at home.”

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