In case you live under a rock somewhere, you’ve heard or have seen footage of Kanye West taking the mic from Taylor Swift when she was awarded the moon man for Best Female Video. She hadn’t gotten a chance to say much more than how shocked she was to be chosen when Kanye runs up, and yet again, he has a problem with MTV’s selection. Poor Taylor just stood there while Kanye stepped all over her first time on stage.  Someone needs to put this boy in time out from the VMA’s if he’s going to keep having temper tantrums.  He may have thought he was defending Beyonce’s honor by doing that, but he was nothing more than an embarrassment. Mind you, Kanye hadn’t barely left the room before he was online sending a blog apology to all of Taylor’s fans, his fans, her mom, MTV, etc. Poor boy, either his mind ain’t all the way right yet or he was paid extra by MTV to pull this stunt. According to the Los Angeles Times story where they printed his full apology, Taylor didn’t seem too effected by the whole thing.  She just mentioned that the night was “interesting.” Beyonce turned the night around though.  She was truly regal when she came up for winning the Video of the Year and instead of giving her speech, gave Taylor Swift a chance to come back and try giving her speech all over again.  She’s a real woman!  Go Be! Kanye … grow up! Please!

Check them both out:

Beyonce Giving Taylor Swift her moment: