The people are stomping mad about their credit situation, their jobs being lost, and their houses being foreclosed upon. The banking industry has gotten their stimulus money and ran with it and are back to their old tricks and no one is going to stand for it, especially Ann Minch of California.  She is ready to start an online revolution against the creditors that have held us all hostage for so long. She had the cojones to stick it to the man by getting on YouTube and sending a message that Bank of America, judging from the amount of hits to her video, won’t soon forget.  She talked about how Bank of America hiked up her interest rate to 30 percent even after she had paid on time.  Not only that, she was laid off from her job and has still managed to keep up payments and they were steadily jacking up the interest rate when she wasn’t looking. It’s about time people started using the Internet to take hold of their lives and go get the “thieving bastards” she calls them out to be.  Watch as this woman tells it like it is and demands the justice she and so many others deserve: