A few days ago, we were all shocked to hear that a 24-year old Yale graduate student by the name of Annie Le had come up missing just days before her wedding to Columbia graduate student Jonathan Widawski. But the search came to a horrific ending when she was found in the wall of a lab building on Yale’s campus the day she was meant to be married. The most awful crime imaginable has happened to this young woman, but while she was a great student and friend, the findings so far suggest that she was ”targeted.” According to reports from the Associated Press, the police are using that terminology, so that the rest of the campus is aware that they are safe. The “heavy” clues lead them to believe that she was the object of someone’s fascination.  Police are guarding the information they have and say that the fiance is not a suspect and he has been helpful in the investigation. Read here for full details of the most recent findings.