Melba Moore

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EUR MOTIVATIONAL NOTE: Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: The Real You Learn how to tap into the REAL YOU! When you look in the mirror, you see a face that you have known all your life. You see a person that you are intimately connected with. You see you! But it is not the real you, the true you.

The real you is on the inside, the inner person. And that inner person is directly responsible for the outer you and the things you do or don’t do. The inner you is the core you. Just as the heart of the artichoke is the prime part, your core is your best part. The center, or core, of the pineapple is where the sweetest part is found.

The same is true for you! Your heart is your core, where your most intense thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are found. If you can tap into that inner person and tap into the thoughts and feelings that are found there, you can begin to tap into your true thoughts, dreams, beliefs, and values.

This is where you determine what you will and will not do, what you go after and what you choose to ignore, what you attempt and what you shy away from. The core, the center, the heart is the real you. Take some time today, and tap into the real you. Visit my website at free motivation and make every minute count!

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: Oct. 29: Singer-actress Melba Moore is 64. Singer Randy Jackson of The Jacksons is 48. Rapper Paris is 42. Actress Gabrielle Union is 36.

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BLACK HISTORY: Oct. 29, 1947: President’s Committee on Civil Rights condemned racial injustices in America in formal report, “To Secure These Rights.” (source: