Bo Obama

Bo Obama

*If you saw Oprah’s White House Christmas special on ABC, one of the things you saw was First Lady Michelle, giving Madame O a tour of the place.

As they are walking down a glass hall way, they meet up with Bo dog and the fun begins.

The First Dog is wearing a Christmas collar with bells. And to show what a good dog he is, Bo shows how his training is paying off.

With some direction and commands in the form of baby talk from the First Lady, Bo dog puts on a show: he lays down, he stays. Then, the grand finale: Bo high fives Michelle and Oprah.

“That’s great,” Oprah declares. “I’m going to get little bells for my dogs.”

Ever the journalist, Oprah just had to ask the First Lady if Bo needed a “buddy?” Quickly catching on, Michelle assured that he didn’t.

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