*Writer Denise Quan over at CNN has done a piece on singer Maxwell who’s back after an eight-year self-imposed hiatus, and he looks like a new man, with close-cropped hair and a wardrobe of elegantly tailored suits.

“Sometimes I just get sick of myself,” he confided, alluding to his time away from the spotlight. “That’s kind of what happened in 2001. I didn’t want to see another photo; I didn’t want to hear me. I just sort of needed a coffee bean in the perfume shop of who I was, you know what I mean?”

But the deluge of media attention is starting to happen all over again. Here are the story highlights:

Maxwell’s return to the music industry has brought Grammy nominations

He made it big 1996 but went on an eight-year hiatus in 2001

He returned with a new look and a new CD, the first in a scheduled trilogy

Watch and enjoy:

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