*OK, now we can stop thinking about Janet Jackson’s infamous Super Bowl half time show wardrobe malfunction. Well not really, but she does have company in that department now. Sort of. No, it didn’t happen at the super bowl, but it did happen in an NFL game.

In Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos, Oakland Radiers, while being involved in a play, lineman Tommy Kelly’s pants decided they wanted to come down for some unexplained reason (scroll down to watch). No, the visual result is not even close to the shock/pleasure of Janet’s, but it is interesting.

One wag pointed out that perhaps the sight of Kelly’s naked legs was enough to put the Broncos off. They went on to lose 20-19 and are struggling for a Wild Card slot.

BTW, Kelly is not the first player to be “de-pants-ed” this year. In November Chicago Bears receiver Devin Hester’s arse was shown to a national television audience. (Scroll down for that, too.) We can only wonder what their mommys have to say.

Tommy Kelly’s pants coming off after tackle:

Devin Hester gets pants pulled down on Sunday Night Football: