*I first saw ShiiKane at the Vocal Zones Talk of The Town Showcase at The Grove in South London in August 2009.

My favourite act of the night was a girl group made up of twins ShayShay and Princess Annamay and their younger sister Baby K. Fresh from recording a video in the States, they stood out with a TLC/Run DMC B girl image.

Their style is inspired by their late mother Anthonia ‘Mama A’ who was a glamorous and beautiful woman, and they try to personify this visually.

They also draw inspiration from Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie, Gwen Stefani, Jimmy Hendrix, Kelis, the 20s, 50s, 80s, technology, music, and the streets of East London from where they hail.

Fusing all of these influences they sweetly sang infectious gems including Bamboo Dey Chop (Say Goodbye). Versatile, they are influenced by R&B, soul, rock, indie and gospel music; it’s telling that they won’t be pigeon holed.

They stirred emotions when they sang Mama’s Song dedicated to their Nigerian mother who died suddenly in 2008. Members of the group were clearly upset after the performance, yet their faith in God and talent shone through.

Their personal story will only further endear them to fans. Currently Shiikane are back in Atlanta where they moved to in 2007, performing at Club Crucila (owned by T.I.) and the Royal Peacock.

Though they didn’t get past the 2007 X Factor Bootcamp, they are clearly real stars. Watch out for them in 2010, they’re going to shine brightly!

Bamboo Dey Chop (Say Goodbye) is out now. Watch the video, which was shot in LA by Director Taj Mahal here:

For more on Shiikane visit:

www.myspace.com/shiikane or www.youtube.com/shiikane or www.twitter.com/shiikane

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