Aspirations, and how you achieved them, dominate your thinking this period. Suddenly, ideas flow freely, as if a burden has been lifted or, more accurately, others have pulled the cotton from their ears and are more receptive to your innovative ideas. You’ll feel more empowered the morning of the 20th to early evening of the 22nd, when the Moon is in your sign, giving you the necessary power to accomplish much. However, be aware of retrograde Saturn in Libra, your opposite sign. Cooperation is demanded of you, something self-centered Aries has trouble with. Bend to others’ ideas for fresh insight.  

Block your natural urge to be stubborn, as you are about to focus on your career and need all the help you can muster right about now. However, you will surprisingly find that there are others ready and willing to help you to reach your goals. You’ll find them at the beginning of this forecast, specifically on the 19th, a day when you also get news of an upwardly mobile position that has opened up. The weekend finds you at full strength, when the Moon occupies your sign, giving you a steely resolve to start the upcoming week on a positive note. You’ll see results in your bank account on the 25th.

An amazing aspect takes place on the 25th when the most beneficial planet in the zodiac, Jupiter, brings you what will seem like endless opportunities. Thing come so fast and furiously over the next five months that you may not know how to handle the cornucopia. But you have a secret weapon in that your sign loves choices. It’s a sure bet that the 25th will provide you with guidance, as the Moon enters your sign, illuminating the way like a beacon embedded in your conscience. A beautiful Sun in Aquarius Air sign aspect to Gemini for a month, and good things are nearly guaranteed. Just don’t get lazy now.

With a lovely Jupiter in Pisces aspect to your sign for the next five months, you will feel as if you have all the positive sides of life in the palm of your hand. Additionally, others will now open their wallets to a special project, but there will be strings attached that may bug you. Late on the 22nd to the 24th, you’ll find material, tangible, matters taking shape. There seems to be a crossroads in your career versus home that will benefit from that aforementioned Jupiter aspect. As the most psychic sign, trust your inner pulse to steer you in the right direction more than ever.   

Others take your side, as they want to be with a winner right about now. You are virtually guaranteed to be concentrating on money matters more than you normally do. With the Sun in your opposite sign of Aquarius, invitations will increase, whether they are of a social or business nature. The only nagging aspect is retrograde Mars in your sign, making you more sensitive than you normally are. Patience is needed, as others now see that irritability and may use it against you. Smooth days are the 20th to the 22nd, when the fire inside you demands that you release your energy in a positively sexy manner.

Matters surrounding your job environment keep you off balance, but there is help if you do your best to get out and just enjoy others in a social atmosphere. The weekend of the 22nd to the 24th prompts you to solidify travel plans, but those plans are set in stone and needn’t be tinkered with. With Jupiter in your opposite sign of Pisces, you will feel that others need you more than ever, and they do. The downside is that you may feel drained physically, so take care to watch your energy and don’t burn the candle at both ends. Pay attention to details on the 25th, when you will move in several directions at once.

Life becomes easier, even though the planet of responsibility, Saturn, is retrograde, prompting you to check yourself physically. You have strengthening help with the Sun in compatible Aquarius. The Moon in your opposite sign of Aries from the 20th to late evening on the 22nd compels you to get with a close friend or two. There are aspects that took place at the end of the last forecast that gave you a hint of very positive vibes within you, especially emotionally. This will last for a while, but will feel like a whirlwind of activity that finds your judgment valued more than ever before.

This week, and for the next month, home life takes center stage. Add a strong Jupiter in Pisces element to your Water sign for a long period, and you have all the ingredients for success and purpose in your life. The only semi-serious aspect you may want to be aware of is a Mars in Leo retrograde that suggests that Scorpios be more aware of their career path than normal. Your forward movement is stalled, and it will be a while before your ruling planet assumes its direct motion. On an upbeat note, you will have a spectacular weekend, so get all gussied up and enjoy yourself.

With a visit from a long-time friend a virtual reality by the end of your forecast, spend the days before advancing plans now that a pesky financial problem is behind you. There’s been a roadblock in your career advancement revolving a cloudy issue. Immediate and honest communication takes the heat off. That’s a trait you already possess; Now exercise it. A gamble from the 20th to the 22nd pays off, as you swear that that gut feeling may, no WILL, turn out right big time. Has your home life received major attention? Get used to it, because things stay hectic for a while. A close Pisces or Virgo friend is the source of attention.

Your finances receive a boost, starting on the 19th, and extend well past this forecast. Just about anything on your personal agenda gets your undivided attention, and with your newly discovered communication skills, you’ll get your way. You will find that the weekend provides plenty of opportunities to meet a special someone, but you may simply elect to let nature run its course and see how love turns out. That’s a tough thing, because, as the zodiac’s most logical thinker, you don’t like leaving things up to chance. Sometimes, it’s nice just to give in and go with the flow.

You asked for it, and now you’ve got it. What’s that? Well, nothing short of being the center of attention, as the Sun enters your sign on the 19th for a month-long stay. Your talkative side accelerates in the middle of the week, tipping you off to be at your most persuasive in getting your way, rather brashly, I might add. That impulsive attitude comes from events on the 19th, triggering an unusual series of concrete events, beginning the evening of the 22nd. Lately, friends may have been avoiding you. Nothing personal, but until you get over a chilly attitude, things will stay status quo for a time.

Several days before the beginning of this forecast, fortunes took a turn for the better. Get used to it for the next five months or so, because certain aspects make you feel at home wherever you go. The room will light up for no other reason than you simply are there. On the flip side, a chaotic flurry of action takes place, making you look like a whirling dervish with your sudden entrances and exits. You can’t explain it, especially because you like things to be quiet and peaceful. Stand your ground this weekend, as there is someone who wrongly thinks of you as a pushover.


This lovely and super-talented singer/songwriter/producer has a natural creative bent, what with her Sun in Aquarius and her Moon in friendly Libra. Both signs contain the Air element, gifting the recipient with a breezy way of communicating. The fiery Mars and thinking Mercury join her Sun in Aquarius. With this aspect, we find a most restless soul with a need to get her message out.

This three-planet conjunction  also endows a nearly unconquerable will to succeed. Venus in calculating Capricorn also favorably aspects Uranus in sex-driven Scorpio, and one can see the alluring qualities that Alicia’s fans gravitate to, but her love life is none of your business. In all seriousness, That Venus makes Alicia Keys much wiser than her young age suggests.

Jupiter and Saturn join her Moon, allowing deep concentration to plunge into endless possibilities for words and melody. Dreamy Neptune in the fire sign of Sagittarius brings elements of drama, and a love of the bright lights. With the success of several of her movies, including “Smoking Aces,” numerous television appearances and worldwide concert tours, Alicia Keys was made to be center stage.

And that suits her persona just right, as Alicia jumps from one offer to the other. That previously mentioned restless soul tends to lose interest and needs to be fed with aural and visual stimulus at all times.

Astrologically Speaking is written by Garr Dennis