*Beyoncé was asked for the umpteenth time about whether or not she’s making plans for a baby. Her latest answer appears in the new issue of Allure magazine.

“I definitely want to have a child, but I know from my nephew it’s a lot,” she says of starting a family with husband Jay-Z in the February issue. “I hope that those things will just happen naturally. I still haven’t had time to relax.”

The singer was also grilled, again, about her figure.

“I always say, ‘I don’t want to lose my curves.’ I like firm curves,” said the 28-year-old. “You can never do enough squats, you can never do enough sit-ups. I like for women to look feminine.”

Asked about the addition of Destiny’s Child’s 2001 title “Bootylicious” to the Oxford Dictionary, Knowles says: “I still can’t believe it! It’s hilarious. I actually wish it was another word that I created. I wish it didn’t have ‘booty’ in it.”