*TMZ.com is reporting that Dr. Conrad Murray is on the verge of being charged in the death of Michael Jackson.

Citing “multiple law enforcement sources,” the Web site says members of the D.A.’s office — including Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley — have already discussed filing a criminal case against Dr. Murray.

On August 28, the Los Angeles County Coroner concluded that Jackson’s death was a homicide caused by the combination of drugs in his body, including the powerful anesthetic propofol. Dr. Murray said he administered propofol to Jackson to help him sleep.

Murray, according to TMZ, could be charged with involuntary manslaughter as early as next week.

“Members of the LAPD still have not met with the D.A. to present the case, however, our sources say the deputy D.A. assigned to the case — David Walgren — has worked closely with LAPD detectives on the case, is intimately familiar with the investigation, has all the LAPD investigative notes and has already briefed Cooley and others in the office,” TMZ reported.