Pastor DeWayne Harvey

*Ranging in age from 17 to 65-years-old, people call in to Greater Blessings Tabernacle in Tallahassee, Florida where Gospel artist Pastor DeWayne Harvey and the Praise Team reside, just to reach out and say how deeply the music lifts their spirits.

Some use the word unusual to describe the feeling of rapture as the music from the group’s sophomore CD, “The Report of the Lord,” envelops them.

Apparently, it’s no secret. The Praise Team has some of the most dynamic singers in the country. Although the group is fairly large, the team of 16 has been charging up congregations together for years and each member of the group is a lead singer, says Pastor Harvey.

“We enjoy singing and being together; we all have like souls and like spirits,” Harvey confided to EUR’s Lee Bailey over dinner the evening before the taping of BET’s Celebration of Gospel, which airs this Sunday. “This group feeds off me; we’ve been together so long they know exactly what to do. I can take any one member in the group to a venue, and we’ll rip the house, because it’s a gift that god has given us. It’s the anointing.”

Consequently, good singing and good music attracts just that: good singers and good music. Greater Blessing Tabernacle lures great musicians; drummers, pianist and singers who come to sit in the audience just for the experience, according to Harvey.

In the forefront of it all, the 42-year-old pastor is the oldest member in the church and in the Praise Team, and strives to showcase young people who have amazing talents and gifts. Harvey recalls richly the experience of watching a young man, who otherwise might have slipped through life unrewarded, break through and be responsible for turning his inspirations into great songs, time after time.

Nearly all of the songs on the new CD were inspired from Sunday sermons, and are jam packed with life lessons; for example, with the single “Whose Report,” it was a health incident that threatened to claim Harvey’s life.

“One of the things God told me to do was sing the healing. I tell people all the time, I’m not a writer I don’t sit down with a piece of paper and write songs.” The singing pastor said. “I hear Angels and God singing these wonderful songs that all I do [with the help of my minister of music] is sit down and interpret. By the end of service we might get a new song that ends up on the album.”

In brief, Harvey has scores of stories to tell about people who come to Greater Blessing Tabernacle looking for miracles and finding them. And also, about once seemingly aimless-young and talented people who the church and the Praise Team effects. Harvey fondly boasts of his God inspired ministry of healing, pointing out the phenomenal occurrences that happen at his services, particularly with his segment of the service they call the “unusual praise.”

“God does some awesome things with this service,” said Harvey.

Additionally, Harvey said, God has given him and The Greater Blessing Tabernacle of Praise congregation a word for the season- for the nation, and that is to believe “The Report of The Lord” which means roughly, no matter how bad things look, believe in God’s message.

In conclusion, Pastor Harvey reminds everyone of their divine healing and freedom from all the negative reports they are confronted with daily. He encourages all to feel inspired by his CD, “The Report of the Lord,” (and its single, “Whose Report”) which is set for release in March.

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Interview by Lee Bailey / written by Billie Jordan