*Our Dishin’ Dirt blogger, Sony From the Atl, has come up with her top 15 celebrity New Year’s resolutions. Needless to say they are verry interesting to say the least. Preview 3 of ’em here:

15. Chris Brown and Rihanna-Although the “Chrianna” incident was tragic, there were lessons to be learned. Chris Breezy, repeat after me, “I will not slap any tricks unless they ask me to. This includes…but is not limited to, all sex acts as well as future confrontations with my new chick.” Rihanna, repeat after me, “I will not talk slick in other folks cars unless I have backup or some good running shoes.”

14. D. Wade, as much as I hate to say this, Gabby was a pretty good come up. However, when you think past your man parts, you will see that whores don’t make good housewives.

13. Ray-J, first you aspired to be like your big sister Brandy. Then you aspired to be like Snoop Dogg. Now you are aspiring to be like Flavor Flav. I see a downward spiral here. Who’s next, Coolio? Promise to pick a mentor who ain’t done jail time, who ain’t a weedhead and who is smart enough to know NOT to try to sneak crack through airport security.

12. Mo’Nique, we hear you. You can stop yelling into my TV screen errrrry night. And another thing, please know that black people don’t need to be dancing and what not just because the camera is rolling. You don’t see Oprah doin’ the “stanky leg” or Letterman “two steppin” while signing off. Take notes!

Don’t stop now. Click over for the other 11 and to find out who’s number one on the list.