James Clement

*The world’s most famous gravedigger, James Clement of “Survivor: China,” and the squeamish-turned-tough Cirie Fields of “Survivor: Panama” are among the cast of returning all-stars for the show’s upcoming season, “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.”

CBS was supposed to announce the new cast Saturday at a 10th-anniversary party for the series during the Television Critics Associated Press tour, but CBS aired a promo of the new season during Thursday’s “People’s Choice Awards” that showed all 20 cast members. Anyone with knowledge of the past seasons could figure out who made the cut.

The Associated Press was the first to release an article detailing the new cast:

Rupert Boneham, “Survivor: Pearl Islands” and “All-Stars”
James Clement, “China” and “Fans vs. Favorites”
Colby Donaldson, “Australian Outback” and “All-Stars”
Cirie Fields, “Panama” and “Fans vs. Favorites”
Amanda Kimmel, “China” and “Fans vs. Favorites”
Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, “Gabon”
Stephenie LaGrossa, “Palau” and “Guatemala”
James “JT” Thomas, “Tocantins”
Tom Westman, “Palau”
Candice Woodcock, “Cook Islands”

Tyson Apostol, “Tocantins”
Randy Bailey, “Gabon”
Sandra Diaz-Twine, “Pearl Islands”
Danielle DiLorenzo, “Panama”
Russell Hantz, “Samoa”
Jerri Manthey, “Australian Outback” and “All-Stars”
Rob Mariano, “Marqeusas” and “All-Stars”
Parvati Shallow, “Cook Islands” and “Fans vs. Favorites”
Ben “Coach” Wade, “Tocantins”
Courtney Yates, “China”

Below, host Jeff Probst shares his thoughts on the cast.