Eugenia Wright a/k/a KleopatraGirl

*Knock knock, who’s there, Annie McKnight and Luenell.  Oh, oh, double double toil and trouble. Ruuuuuuun like crazy (!!!) otherwise you will be struck by the laughing squad.

To my knowledge this is the first time these two seasoned comediennes have been teamed-up in the same show on the same night. The brains behind this comedic coupling was the sophisticated gent, Kevin Rouse.  

Kevin is a Hollywood promoter/lounge/music producer, elegant, distinguished, refined, tall and debonair. Kevin has a kind of Bond aura. For quite some time he has produced shows in Beverly Hills but in the past couple of years, he sidetracked to the valley areas of the city.

Now back in 90210, he made sure that one of the first shows was going to be an eye opener, and it was just that.

Comedienne Luenell hosted and presented the show and got the crowd laughing at her antics. Luenell doesn’t deliver a joke. She tells a story about life and it’s educational in a comedic way. Like the story about women unknowingly turning men on in the club while their tongue is making it’s way to the straw via circum-navigating the rim of the glass!!!!

N'D Ambi, Luenell and Maxi B - The three divas pose for a pic

Oh, no, to die for.  Or the one about the perfect “girl”, hair, eyes, clothes, legs, body tight, gorgeous, makeup, but guys who get to peep under the skirt…surprise!!!! All right, no more giveaways you’ll have to see her show and go insane from laughter.

I don’t believe Luenell has a writer; she just takes daily life and interjects what she sees into her act. This one is naturally gifted. She can’t say boo without making you laugh.

On the other hand Annie McKnight comes at the audience fully loaded, guns blaring, ready to rock and roll. Her voice bursts forth at magnitude levels, she’s going to get her point across and she delivers her routine like a woman’s seminar. She will tell you the do’s and don’ts about a man, what to watch for and invites the audience to participate in a Q&A. Annie aka “McFunny” definitely encourages audience participation for a one on one connection. As a member of the audience you will be involved. Annie will tap into every faux pas a woman has ever made while looking for a man and she hits the hammer on the nail every time. Sounds like a woman with experience?!!!

Annie McKnight, William Hanford Lee Jr. (Bill manages Luenell) - Share a hearty laugh so good for the heart

Now, you may think that these two ladies dominated the evening. Well, I thought so too, until I took a look at the music headliner by the name of N”D Ambi. Ooooh, la la cherie ma belle fantastique! Remember the film Cleopatra Jones????  Keep that image.  Now think of Grace Jones meets, Angela Davis meets the 30-foot woman that has a soulful sultry voice…that’s N’ D Ambi.

Marva King - Not to be upstaged by other femme fatales, Marva entered looking like a million dollar babe

I was told she was a fire fox, but I did not visualize or conceptualize a gorgeous tall slinky afro-mohawk haired woman!  World, get ready for this one, that’s all I can say. Talking about dominating. She is all legs and was wearing a leather look grey body fitting leg tight. N’D Ambi is mesmerizing and her voice…smokin’. Give her a whip and she could steer a chariot in the Valley of the Queens.

Also making a stunning appearance and not to be dissed by any means was the sensual Marva King making a grand entrance. I recently saw Marva at Industry Connects Music Seminar produced by Dundee of Da’Radio show. She was a panelist at the event giving up and comers to the music biz, tips and sound advice. That day, she looked like a schoolteacher.  But, on this night, she donned the academic look and was back in her Prince and The New Power Generation mode.

Also, making her blondie appearance was Maxi B (Mary Jane Girls) getting her fair share of the limelight.

What a night. This all went down at the Camden House in Beverly Hills. It was a sizzler. It was one femme fatale after another femme fatale. Good Lord, I better rush home and brush up on my skills…don’t get it twisted…writing skills, that is.

Other celebs in the house included: Music Producer William Hanford Lee Jr. and Comedian Michael Colyar, Radio personality Tony Montana (Vato Loco) and artist DeMarco Allen among others.

With this caliber of talent, I will be returning to the Camden House very soon.

Congrats Kevin!

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at