Eugenia Wright aka: KleopatraGirl


*”A warm personality goes a long way on a frost-bitten night.”

I remember faithfully watching “Living Single” on Fox TV co-starring Kim Coles.  Sometimes you wonder if the actor is as personable in life as how they appear on television and I have to say Kim Coles lives up to the beautiful aura that she generates on screen. Now she’s enjoying the success of her new show “Pay It Off” on BET Networks.

Recently I spotted the friendliest of friendlys picking out an array of goodies (ranging from makeup to trop cher jewelry) at the Golden Globe gifting suite celebrity “free” shop till you drop event held at the SLS Hotel.  There I noticed once again how approachable and friendly Kim is as she stopped to pose for photos with anyone who asked. She also caught a lot of attention when she decided to take a twirl on the strip pole that was on display in the middle of the room causing everyone to show their pearlies.

So, when I received an invitation to her birthday party at Mischief in the Burgundy House on Santa Monica Blvd., a week later, I knew I wanted to go.  I love covering events for people who I genuinely like. But, there was one little glitch, Los Angeles was experiencing an unexpected non-stop rainstorm day after day and when Kim’s birthday party date showed up on the calendar, there was no let up on the downpour even for a pretty face.

Kim shows off her birthday cake to all / Photo by: Donald Carraway [email protected]

I was telling friends who were scheduled to go with me let’s check in two hours if the rain stops, then after that period when it didn’t stop, I’d call again and say let’s wait till four hours and see if the rain stops. Finally about 8:00PM in the evening, Angelenos caught a break and no rain!!!!  Oh, the party’s on now!  I put on my thigh high black boots, pulled out my warm faux fur collar black leather coat got a bff on the horn and it was off to Kim’s party only to arrive and find out that the red carpet and reserved seating area was on the outdoor patio!!! Yikes!  Luckily I did wear a heavy coat but for die-hard partygoers where there is a will there is a way to party (after all, football fans sit in sub-freezing temperatures to hooray guys jumping on top of each other while eating a hot dog). I noticed many celebs were not even mindful of the weather dressed in teeny weenie skirts.

After a little sheee-shee talk with amigas, Kimee arrived beautifully dressed in a long flowing red dress with a plunging neckline.  Her smile was so sweet and personality so endearing, it warmed up the whole area.  I have to tell you Kim Coles has a remarkable way of making everyone feel like everything is all right. Even her hand gesture is expressive of everything’s okay, I got you covered.

Kim Coles and Tionne Williams kidding around at her party. Both attended the Golden Gifting suite on the same day and shopped like top gun celebs / Photo by: Donald Carraway donaldc[email protected]

Kim greeted guests, posed for photos showing her huge birthday cake that displayed her image, crafted by a specialty bakeshop, no doubt.

Truly, a warm personality goes a long way especially on a frostbitten night. Kim Coles and her beautiful smile can light up the night.  Happy birthday Kim, you are sweet as you can be. I’ll stand in the cold with you anytime. Congrats to you and BET on your new show “Pay It Off.” I was glad to see you and so was everybody else come rain or shine. Now that’s star power!!!!

Celebs on hand included: DJ Orator (formerly with Power 106, 92.3 The Beat), Pop/R&B Singer Tionne Williams, Reality star Poprah (I want to work for Diddy), actor/musician Lil’ J (That’s So Raven), Pop/Rock/R&B singer Samantha Nicole Olden Polynice (LA Clippers), comedienne Jennifer Tapiero, model/actor Jason Newsome (Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”) among others.

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected]