Eugenia Wright a/k/a Kleopatra Girl

*So on the night of the We the Children Project/Artists for Peace and Justice Fundraiser at the House of Blues to benefit the homeless children of Haiti, by the time I arrived, I was ready to withdraw my last energy deposit slip left in my tank.

Much to my dismay when I got there organizers did not have my name or my friend’s name who was on their way to the venue.

But, as fate would have it and God knows the powers in the heavens have always come to my assistance at events, a gentlemen who was affiliated with the PR firm handling the event, passed by and asked if he could assist me.

In 5 minutes flat, I was holding two VIP tickets valued at $125.00 each and accompanying VIP wrist bands. Whew!!!  Okay, so quickly I called my friend and said it’s a go, get over here quickly. The event took place in the beautiful Foundation Room of the House of Blues and if you’ve ever been there, it looks like the opulent décor of the “Underworld” (the film). There are beautiful Persian carpets in every crevice and corner of the rooms much to my “Lycan.”  Since my teen years, I’ve had a fascination with Persian carpets, studied the different tribal weaves and now own several fine pieces. Back to the event…

A talent competition showcase was part of the affair on the ground level and so I made my way down to that area and spotted Marla Maples who was one of the judges. You may recall Ms. Maples is the blond bombshell who made Ivana Trump see red when Maples caught the eye of  “the” Donald and then made Ivana green, not with envy, but  green as in chingaling ching ching when she proceeded to write a  “tell all” book that made her another mountain of the mean green. The Mrs. Trump had trumped Maples and coined the phrase “Remember girls, don’t get mad, get everything.”  

Also in the house getting a great deal of attention was actor/model/Pop-R&B singer Tionne aka Tionne Williams. He is cover material for sure.

Tionne Williams and Marla Maples (Photo: Donald Carraway)

Well, seems like the show was having some problems keeping the audience quiet when in fact, it was for a serious cause … to help the homeless children of Haiti.

Tionne seeing this dilema took charge, stepped up to the plate and let the event producers know, he could assist by quieting the crowd and getting the focus back on the plight of Haitians and not on the busy boozing bar talk in the audience. Tionne succeeded in addressing the audience and reminded them that they were there for a great cause.

At that point, much to his surprise, he was then asked to take over and host the show!!!!!  This was a perfect example of someone who is fully prepared and confident in their abilities, jumping into a window of opportunity and displaying their showmanship. From that point on the show became tight.  

Then, after the final showcase performance, Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac) was scheduled to perform. Beautiful CNN Legal Analyst, Lisa Bloom was brought in to introduce Mick Fleetwood’s band, but who was going to introduce Lisa Bloom???  Well, the organizers called on their man Tionne once again to do the honors and introduce her.

It was getting close to 1:00AM in the morning and I had been all about town to radio stations, back to office and out again. It was time to roll ’em out and shut it down. My energy bunny was drained hitting the drum one bop every 10 mins.

At close of curtain, Tionne invited everyone’s participation to sing “We Are the World.”  He brought MJ’s spirit into the event by calling upon audience members who knew the song to get up on stage with him. It was a touching finale.

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected].