*After winning Favorite R&B artist at the People’s Choice Awards Wednesday night, Mariah Carey went backstage and attempted to explain to the press her bizarre behavior from the night before.

The songstress made national headlines for appearing to be drunk during her rambling Breakthrough Award acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival Tuesday night.

In another rambling, albeit less spacey speech to the media at the People’s Choice Awards, Carey blamed her behavior on too much fun with her “Precious” director Lee Daniels.

“Me and Lee hadn’t seen each other in a long time, and Lee was presenting my award,” she began. “So he starts off immediately with all these inside jokes…and I was like, ‘Okay.’ …We’d been sitting there celebrating this whole time, having little splashes. I hadn’t eaten.  I pulled up — I didn’t wanna be late, so I rushed in. And, um, that’s what it was.

“We were really celebrating for the movie and everything that’s going on with it. There’s so much exciting stuff going on with ‘Precious,’ and for the award I was winning. So, you know, there’s a time for celebration and a time for not.”

“But really, technically, it’s kinda like a party atmosphere [at the Palm Springs event]. So they trick you, you know what I mean?” she said, breaking into a laugh. “No, it was fun. If people don’t understand me and think I’m just like this girl who stands by a microphone and sings ‘Hero,’ then they’re definitely not gonna get me.

“But, if people knew me better, they would understand I have a sense of humor and basically that’s what gets me through life. We had splashes of champagne, and, I love Lee, but he’s a bad influence.

Watch video of her explanation at the People’s Choice Awards here: