*Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley’s 1994 marriage certificate was auctioned off Saturday for $70,800.

The document, which has the signature of both bride and groom, was issued to the couple after their 15-minute wedding ceremony on May 26, 1994 in the Dominican Republic.

Saturday’s opening price of $27,000 quickly sparked a bidding war as two collectors vied for the item, racking up 20 offers between them, according to WENN.

The anonymous winner says, “My wife and I have been collecting autographs and memorabilia since 1973. Several years ago we were outbid on the marriage certificate signed by Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller and I did not want to miss the chance to own this one. We were very excited.”

Jackson’s marriage with Elvis Presley’s daughter lasted until early 1996, when Lisa Marie filed for divorce.