*Although “Still Standing,” the title of her BET reality show might imply that Monica Denise Arnold, professionally known as Monica, was dragged through the mud and experienced tough blows and tough challenges, the R&B singer & songwriter isn’t just a broken survivor, she thrives.

Monica spoke to us candidly about her philosophies for living, her closeness and dedication to family, tonight’s season finale of her reality show and her upcoming plans. So what was the point of the dramatic title, you might be asking?

Want a clue? Well, it’s true she witnessed the suicide of a boyfriend, and that she suffered a wicked relationship. And by her own accord, she admits that just 10-years-ago her life was full of drama. But when asked if she had a hard life she replied:

“Tougher than some, but not as tough as others. You know, I don’t look at anything in my life as things that I wish I didn’t experience. Let me just say that as bad as things have been there have been moments that were just great.”

So then, what’s the title all about? Apparently she was interested in sharing with her fans what it’s like to raise a family; have a personal life, deal with obstacles and juggle a music career.  “Sometimes you have to go through it to get to it,” Monica said.  So “Still Standing” the reality show turns out to be a testament and an example for her fans, and not a plea for sympathy.

As she concludes the season finale of “Still Standing.” the 29-year-old tips us off there is talk about season two. She’s also continuing to prepare for the March 8th release of her album with the same title, and the launch of “Regions of Rock,” her clothing line intended for little boys.

Monica also suffers from high blood pressure, but as might suspect, she doesn’t think of herself as a victim. When asked what keeps her going she said:

“My grandmother always told me when I was very young giving up was not an option, moving forward is,” she said. “Some of the things that I do if you write it down on paper it looks really difficult, but I don’t think about it because I’m just moving forward. So for me it’s passion, it’s love for my children first and foremost, but also its what I’ve been taught.”    

As for how Monica cultivated the courage to move forward with the reality show, the southern singer sys she confided with her family members and they made the decision together … after they understood that the show would reflect her life the way it is now. And if it could help to illuminate things for her fans, regarding juggling life in the music business, it was all worth it.   

On another note, because music has been her whole life Monica said it might be possible she missed out on a childhood, but she couldn’t tell since she’s never experienced anything different to compare it with. Furthermore, Monica said she doesn’t regret spending her youth in the business, she loves her life and what she’s able to accomplish for her children.

“Whatever they dream of I can assist them in making it happen.”

As a side bar, Monica told EURweb that her relationship with fiancé and the father of her children, Rodney “Rocko” Hill Jr., is more than just the “I need a rough neck” thing. She stated that when she met him, she had just experienced the suicide death of her former boyfriend, Jarvis “Knot” Weems, and she needed someone who was strong and she wanted someone who wasn’t just focused on music. Monica said, Rocko knew she was hurting and wanted to protect her and that made her fall in love with him more. So he was just what she needed, when they got together.

In the end, the drama-filled singer cites her mom as one of her biggest inspirations and greatest influences, and a large part of the reason why she’s sane. Monica, 29, said her mother wasn’t a stage mom and really isn’t interested in the music business at all. In fact things are very normal for Monica when she comes home. And perhaps that’s exactly why she is “Still Standing.”

See the season finale of “Still Standing” tonight at 10pm Eastern/Pacific on BET. Get more info here: www.bet.com/OnTV/BETShows/monica/default.htm.

Watch last week’s episode of ‘Still Standing’:

This story was written by Billie Jordan