*Canadian police took issue with one of their constables who decided to let Halle Berry, her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and their 22-month-old daughter Nahla bypass a long security line at Montreal’s Trudeau airport.

Quebec model Aubry made the spur-of-the-moment request on Monday, the Associated Press reported.

“The (boyfriend) of Ms. Berry asked if they could go faster through the line because they were late and they had the baby,” said Insp. Jimmy Cacchione, who heads the 36-member unit that patrols the Montreal airport. “The officer took the personal initiative to allow them to go through the line faster, but that’s not something the Montreal police supports.”

An embarrassed Montreal police force issued a directive to its officers Friday, urging them never to do that again. The officer involved will not be reprimanded and the police airport unit will institute stricter rules for the future, Cacchione added.

Journalist Marieve Paradis said she spotted the actress and her family bypassing a lengthy security lineup while other passengers waited for hours to get to U.S. Customs.

“It shocked me that we were waiting in line, and there were other babies and other children,” Paradis said from Los Angeles, where she lives. “Monday was chaotic at the airport, people were anxious and people were nervous and everyone was scared to miss their flights.”

Paradis, who spotted Berry again seated in the front row of the same Los Angeles-bound flight she was on, questioned in her blog Friday why a police escort would have been necessary for the power couple, who own a home north of Montreal.

“I’m not sure people from Montreal are very happy to learn that their money from their taxes is used for escorting celebrities.”

Paradis said she barely made the morning flight herself after arriving three and a half hours ahead of departure as a result of heightened security checks at airports across the globe since a foiled terror attack on Christmas Day.