Sean Bell*The New York street where police shot and killed Sean Bell now bares his full name.

Without mentioning the circumstances surrounding Bell’s death, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a bill Monday designating the street as “Sean Bell Way,” reports the New York Daily News.

Bell, 23, was killed in a barrage of 50 police bullets on Nov. 25, 2006, just hours before his scheduled wedding. The shooting erupted on Liverpool St., near the Kalua Cabaret in Jamaica, where Bell’s bachelor party was held.

Police claim Bell was armed, but no weapon was ever found. Three detectives were acquitted of state charges last year, but a federal civil rights investigation is still underway. Also still pending is a civil damage suit against the city.

Bell’s name was included in an omnibus bill with 70 street namings approved by the City Council. Bloomberg’s only mention of Bell came when he read out the designated street namings. But he cordially greeted Bell’s family at the end of the ceremony and posed with them for news and other photographers.

“Sean deserved this,” Bell’s intended bride, Nicole Paultre-Bell, told the mayor and a packed audience in City Hall’s Blue Room.

The mother of Bell’s two daughters, Jada, now 7, and Jordyn, 3, Paultre-Bell pointedly added, “But we also have to remember that when my daughters walk down that street we’ll always remember those 50 shots.”