*It became apparent during the presidential campaign that Barack Obama likes his sports, particularly highlights from ESPN’s “Sports Center” to start and end his day. But what is must-see TV for the rest of the family?

Daughters Malia, 11, and Sasha, 8 are limited to Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, the Obamas reveal, and only on weekends. “We’re pretty strict about that,” says the president.

“They can only watch the kid-TV channels for the most part, because you just never know,” adds Michelle Obama. “Unless they want to watch football with me, which they’re always welcome,” President Obama chimes in. “But somehow they haven’t been drawn to that yet.”

When the first couple works out however, ESPN rules the roost.

“I tend to be much more informed about sports than I’d like,” Mrs. Obama tells People, laughing. “No, that’s not true,” the president says. “Michelle actually knows her sports, which is important in our marriage.”

One show that all four Obamas avoid is MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” “I’ve heard about it,” says Mrs. Obama. “Not seen it.”