*This should be interesting. Author Kitty Kelly and Crown Publishers announced that Kelly is writing a 544 page unauthorized book called “Oprah: A Biography.”

It’s set to be released on April 13. The first printing will be at least 500,000 copies.

Kelley has a reputation for writing gossipy, unflattering, but best-selling celebrity books. She has also written about Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan and the Bush family.

Kitty Kelly

Among her more notorious allegations: that Sinatra and Reagan may have had an affair while she was first lady, and that George W. Bush snorted cocaine at Camp David when his father was president.

Meanwhile, the National Enquirer is reporting that Oprah is preparing to publish her own tell-all book in which she’ll finally reveal the true story of her relationships with both Stedman Graham and her best friend Gayle King.

According to the rag, Winfrey decided to go ahead with the autobiography with Kitty Kelley’s Oprah book. We’d advise you not to hold your breath waiting for it to come.

On the other hand, the Enquirer’s story does make for some juicy reading, though. You can check out out here.

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