*People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are urging Usher not to replace any of the fur coats that were stolen from his vehicle during a Christmas shopping trip.

As previously reported, the coats were among items taken from the artist’s SUV on Dec. 14 while he and a friend were shopping in Atlanta.

The animal rights organization has reportedly written to the singer in a bid to persuade him to stop buying furs as gifts.

“When it comes to these coats, you’re not the first victim. The animals who were beaten, electrocuted, or drowned for those coats – the original owners – are the real victims. Please pledge to be fur-free,” read the letter from PETA official Michelle Cho.

“You would be in great company! Other compassionate folks who refuse to wear real fur include Eva Mendes, Charlize Theron, Michelle Obama… and Nia Long, just to name a few. We’d be thrilled to add your name to the list.”