*British glam rocker and one-time user Elton John says he’s been mentoring Eminem in his battle against drug addiction for the past year-and-a-half.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 in the U.K. on Saturday, Sir Elton said:

“I’ve been helping Eminem over the last 18 months and he’s doing brilliantly,” according to the British Press Association. “I’m there if people want my help. If people ask for help you tell them where to go, but there’s no point advising people if they don’t want to do it,” said John.

Last spring, Eminem admitted to taking as many as 20 Vicodin, Ambien and Valium in a day. “The numbers got so high,” he told Vibe magazine, “I don’t even know what I was taking.”

Following his first stint in rehab in 2005, the rapper, 37, said he nearly overdosed after he was given unidentified blue pills, which a doctor later told him were actually methadone.

Eminem, often denounced as homophobic, performed a duet at the Feb. 21 Grammy Awards with Elton John, who is openly gay and a champion of many gay causes.