*President Obama’s next attempt to win over centrists-he is expected to call for a freeze on non-security discretionary spending during the State of the Union address Wednesday night-has some experts balking.

Brad DeLong calls the president “Barack Herbert Hoover Obama” and points out that, in 2011, Obama’s plan will lower GDP by $35 billion and cost the economy 350,000 jobs.

Robert Reich writes, “A pending freeze will make it even harder to get jobs back because government is the last spender around.” Nate Silver, meanwhile, calls it “a mistake on par with John McCain’s ‘suspending my campaign’ gaffe,” saying, “In the medium run, it’s most likely effect is to confuse voters, and in the long run, it’ll probably either be forgotten about or become Another Broken Promise.”

The Daily Beast’s Samuel P. Jacobs gets advice for Obama from Ted Sorensen and other former White House speechwriters on how the State of the Union can turn his presidency around.

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