Ted Gibson & Kate Gosselin


*Gone is the shaved-in-the-back, spiked-on-top, swoop-in-front hairstyle sported famously by reality TV star Kate Gosselin, at least for the cover of People magazine’s new issue.

Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson – owner of Ted Gibson Salon & Hela Spa in Chevy Chase and regular on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” – was given the green light to have his way with her tresses, transforming the former “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” star’s coiffure from a popular Halloween costume to something long and, well…normal-looking.

“Bonding extensions to those little hairs really took time. But in all those hours, she didn’t complain once,” Gibson told People.com. “She was so open to whatever I suggested, and willing to try just about anything.”

Gibson said he did have to gently push Kate into letting go of her signature front swoop in favor of bangs.

“She wasn’t sure about bangs,” says Gibson, “But I find many women have that one thing they’re afraid to let go of, that one ‘security blanket’ part of their look, whether it’s a fear of going shorter or darker or something. But once they finally let go and embrace the change, they always love it.”

Watch the interview to see how it was done: