*Snoop Dogg’s eighth annual “Snoop Bowl” will take place in Miami, Florida next year featuring the rapper’s team facing off against a local squad coached by Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver Terrell Owens and Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter.

“I am happy that we’ve been doing this event for eight years – the kids love it and I do too,” Snoop Dogg told AllHipHop.com. “The future NFL stars play in this game annually and its fun to watch the kids imitate there favorite NFL stars. The Snoop Bowl is as big as the Super Bowl to every kid playing organized football in the USA because they aspire to play against my team or to be coached by Coach Snoop ‘The Great.'”

Sponsors for the event include Title Sports Drink and Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Youth Football League. Kickoff is Feb. 6th at 1:30 p.m. at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami. Fans can purchase tickets online at www.ticketalternative.com or at the gate. Tickets are $10 for children 12 and under and $20 for ages 13 and up.

In other T.O. news, the Bills receiver is accused of failing to follow through on a bet with a fan involving at $200,000 Bentley.

Before the current NFL season, Owens made a “deal” (through his Twitter page) to catch 10 TDs this year, or he would fork over the keys to his prized ride, TMZ.com reported. Now that the season is over and T.O. fell far short of the reception mark, the fan is trying to collect — but claims Owens is completely blowing him off.

T.O.’s rep tells TMZ the whole thing was “all in good nature” and there was “no reality” to the bet.