Darryl James

Darryl James

*2009 was a tough year, indeed.

While the economy began showing signs of improvement, big business just didn’t do its part to push things forward, choosing instead to rush the bailout repayment so that they could bonus each other out for the year end. Essentially, they thumbed their noses at the American people and showed that they didn’t really need the bailouts and didn’t really care about the taxpayers who footed the bill.

President Barack Obama has become the whipping boy for the left and the right, with plenty of blame being heaped on his shoulders from people who refuse to point any of their ten fingers inward.

But things can get better and I believe they will.

There are a few things that have been at the top of my mind as the year closes out.

While there are a plethora of top ten lists floating around, I wanted to submit my own. Feel free to add to the list on your own. Top Ten Thoughts From 2009:

1. Barack and Wall Street. I was glad my president expressed his anger directly at the fat cat bastards on Wall Street who wanted to continue to pass out bonuses to each other, after using tax dollars while taxpayers suffer. And while people want to chastise him for the bailout, there are two things to consider: First, the bailouts were initiated by George Bush; and Second, the money is being repaid.

2. Barack and Health Care. Again, there is plenty of blame for people to heap upon the president’s shoulders. On the one side, there are the proponents of Health Care Reform who think that he didn’t do enough, and on the other side are the opponents who act like he’s ushering socialism into the US. But the thinking people in the middle realize that America is a hypocritical nation to spend billions policing the world and saving other nations, while many of its own citizens are dying unnecessarily because they cannot afford proper health care. President Obama has not only kept a major promise, but has really undertaken a Herculean effort in making the progress he has actually made.

3. Barack and Stupid Ass House Negroes. Why are some Negroes confused as to the job of the POTUS? He is NOT the president of Negroes, he is the president of the entire nation. As such, he can’t just waltz into office and approve reparations and white slavery. He has made it clear that many of the programs he is pushing will benefit African Americans, but with such a arduous task in front of him, he can hardly afford to pay special attention to African Americans-especially since he hasn’t even completed half of his term. “The only thing I cannot do is, by law, I cannot pass laws that say ‘I’m just helping black folks.’ I’m the president of the entire United States,” Obama said. I used to be a staunch supporter of Maxine Waters, but watching her support Hilary Clinton against the wishes of her constituency and then stand against the president for not being the president of Black people has made her quite disgusting to observe. Instead of criticizing him, the Congressional Black House Negroes in Congress need to become active themDAMNselves.

4. Barack and Naysayers. Speaking of the president’s detractors, I don’t have a problem with the people who opposed him to begin with. However, the boneheads who have turned on him because he didn’t please them as individuals need a stern foot stuck in their asses. He is being pulled from all sides and inherited a hot mess to begin with. I personally believe he’s doing a good job, but I also believe that after a full half term in office, we’ll see even more forward movement.

5. Houston’s Gay Mayor I just hope that they hold her to being mayor of the entire city the way they are holding my president to be president of the entire nation. If he can’t show favoritism to Blacks, then she can’t show favoritism to gays.

6. Oprah’s retirement Some say supporting the first African American President was going to bring her downfall, and still others say she wants to focus on her empire outside of a day to day grind. The tabloids even talk about her failing health, but personally, I just want to see what the nation of women will do without their most staunch supporter, who often went too far and degraded men-especially Black men. Bye Hater!

7. Tiger’s Infidelity Everybody and their momma wanted to comment on this silly man, but he shut all of golf down when he decided to take a break. Think what you want of him, but his taking a break from golf is like Jesus taking a break from religion. And a great big wet slap in the face goes to all the crapheads who want to use his debacle as a referendum on Black men or even on men in general, when he has always made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t consider himself Black.

8. The Death of The King of Pop Michael Jackson’s personal physician is definitely in deep doo-doo. At some point, people have to stop being star stricken when there is a professional job to do. Hold the hard line and be a doctor, not a fan. And how amazing was it that many of the very people who had been dogging him for the still unproven child molestation charges were crying and mourning as if their best friend had died? Hypocrites! But the whole world mourned and Michael Jackson was on the top search item on Google, Bing and Yahoo. R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson.

9. Disney’s First Black Princess. I guess the House of Mouse was expecting African Americans to be so grateful that they finally got around to giving us some positive representation that we would take it any way it came. Unfortunately, they had to package the Black princess with a non-Black prince. In addition, that damned Stepnfetchit firefly made matters worse. C’mon, Disney, you dogged us for decades in the early years, then ignored us and now slap us in the face by flubbing the opportunity to show some Black Love.

10. Stupid Ass Sarah Palin. How the Republicans can even pretend that this boneheaded bimbo with marginal looks is anything but a complete moron is beyond me. Many of us were hoping that her fifteen minutes of fame were up after her and the dead man walking were beaten by hope, but now, horror of all horrors, she’s back. Like a bad penny, this loser keeps turning up. And if the Republican party wasn’t already flagging and on its death bed, they have been allowing her to parade around the nation as though she really has one clue. Pack it up, Barbie.

There are quite a few reasons why we can look forward to the New Year. 2010 promises to be much better than 2009, and certainly much better than the past few years.

Happy New Year!

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