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Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Blessed and Highly Favored!

How do you greet others and how do you respond to their greetings? When people ask you how they’re doing, do you say “Fine”, “Pretty good”, “Okay”, “Not bad”, “Just trying to make it”, or “Life stinks”? Do you respond with gusto and enthusiasm, or do you just say what everybody else says, without any thought or feeling? How do you respond? Studies have shown that life responds to you as you respond to life. Zig Ziglar says “Outstanding!” I like to say, “I’m blessed and highly favored.”

To say “I’m blessed and highly favored” not only speaks about how you feel, but also your constant state of being. You are expressing how you feel now and how you’re going to feel later. You are expressing what is going on in your life and what you want to occur in your life. You are calling forth those things that are not, as though they were! You are blessed and highly favored when you feel good and when you do not feel good. You are blessed and highly favored when you have money in your pocket and when you are broke. You are blessed and highly favored when things are going well and when there are challenges, because you are expressing your faith that things are going to get better! Be blessed and highly favored! Meet and greet life with excitement, enthusiasm and great expectations and life will respond in kind. It’s another great day and yes: I am blessed and highly favored

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Jan. 14: Blues singer Clarence Carter is 74. Singer-songwriter Allen Toussaint is 72. Actor Carl Weathers is 62. Rapper Slick Rick is 45. Rapper LL Cool J is 42.


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Jan. 14, 1895: Blacks organized the National Steamboat Company in Washington, D.C. The company sailed a steamboat, the “George Leary,” between DC and Norfolk, Virginia. (Source: www.BlackFacts.com)