Justices of the Supreme Court

*America, you have been put on notice that “1984” is here to stay. If you aren’t familiar with the term “1984,” it’s the title of a very prescient book written by George Orwell.

The topic is how “Big Brother,” meaning corporations, have taken control of our minds and tracks our every move, whether we dislike it or not. With the January 23 Supreme Court decision to recognize corporations as living, breathing entities,big-pocket politics is now the rule, not the exception.

A long-time friend, Ron Rabatsky, sent me an e-mail the day after that succinctly entails the travails we are about to undergo. Let me add one thing to this mind-boggling decision: The little man, as we know him/her to be, no longer exists.

We are now controlled (if we actually have not been for some time) by big corporations. Go along with the program – that’s our only choice. Read on:


Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling means the end of politics as we know it.  Corporations no longer have to hide behind shell companies to run their lying ads on TV.  They can do it on their own, and give as much money to any congressmen’s campaign TO BUY THEIR VOTES (caps by author).  Even foreign corporations with offices in the U.S. can do this.

Starting very soon, the government will officially be run by corporations.  You want better gas mileage reform–the oil companies can spend whatever they want on advertising and on campaign donations to stop it from happening.  Health care and pharmaceutical companies no longer have to play both sides of the fence on health reform that they don’t want. (Health insurers have averaged over $1.2 million/day fighting health care reform behind the shell companies they create.  The Lewin Group is just the first of the officially sponsored think tanks that will be out there issuing false reports as ordered by their bosses.)  They just buy more air time and donate to more congresspeople.

So, at this point it really doesn’t matter what Obama does on anything, until something is done to rail in the corporate money that the Supreme Court of Idiots let loose yesterday.

This is, in my humble opinion, the most destructive thing to happen to U.S. politics EVER.  We’ve gone, since Teddy Roosevelt, with increasing restrictions on corporate donations to political campaigns to try to make them representative of the people.  But your Google ads will now rail against whatever reform is being proposed. Private enterprise cannot match corporate dollars.

Now in the case of the big financial institutions, they’ve been using the money we gave them in TARP to lobby congress against various new regulations.  Our money is being used by these shameless bastards to screw us again.

Still trying to find out about health care in Costa Rica.


Not much more to add to Mr. Rabatsy’s observations, except this: The Supreme Court ruling is a seismic political quake far more powerful than that which struck Haiti, one with more long-term ramifications than you or I will ever realize. The “little man/woman” no longer has a say in the direction of this country. And black America is even further distanced from mainstream politics for one reason that begs an answer: Name one powerful BLACK corporation with deep enough pockets to either bring up or sustain a political movement to its passage and implementation, one with the clout of, say, any oil, insurance or financial corporation. I certainly can’t think of one. Welcome to 1984, America. The bed of nails is made. Now, we get to lie on it, perhaps forever.