Clark Kellogg, President Obama & Verne Lundquist

*Saturday, President Obama, attending a basketball game at the Verizon Center between Georgetown and Duke, as a fan, found himself doing several minutes commentary in a nationally televised game.

Shortly after the second half began, the president was seated between CBS announcers Verne Lundquist and Clark Kellogg.

After the prez described a spin move and basket by one player, Kellogg remarked that he could handle the job of announcing.

“After retirement, I’m coming after your job, Clark,” Mr. Obama replied. “I’m just letting you know. So you either have three more years or seven more years,” he said, referring to the possibility that he might be re-elected to a second term.

At another point, CBS aired tape of a pickup game then Senator Obama played during the 2008 presidential campaign, including a missed left-handed layup. That prompted Lundquist to ask the president if he has problems dribbling to his right.

“I went to the Republican House caucus just yesterday to prove that I could go to my right once in a while,” the president cleverly responded, referring to a televised session Friday when he attended a House GOP retreat in Baltimore.

Good call, Mr. President. Check it out here: