*Out of the lime light? Not the Mooney Twins. The veteran comedians and twin sons of the legendary comedian Paul Mooney plan to stick around for a while.

Their knack for funny commentary, about current events and celebrity gossip, is taking center stage these days alongside their work with charitable foundations for social causes they care about.

“Comedy is in our blood, we’ll never stay away from it too long. We’re back in the saddle, and we’re giving our fans exactly what they want,” the Mooney twins said in an interview with EURweb.

In the past the Mooney Twins were known primarily as alternative comedians of “conscious comedy,” a term they coined, at the start of their careers. But today, the twins are cranking up the most popular Hollywood and L.A. comedy houses, and every body’s laughing.

“Throughout their career the Mooney Twins refused to go after the obvious laughs and were cautious about “selling out” to minstrel performances to get over. Instead the Twins said they preferred to joke about social maladies, opting with clean and dignified humor, and they often wore suits and sported well groomed beards,” said publicist, Billie Jordan.

“For sure, there was an audience for that. But it wasn’t the run-of-the-mill mainstream comedy. And the Mooney Twins just wouldn’t bend, turning down roles from the likes of networks like the WB and UPN time after time. Particularly, if their roles were to include dress in drag or the use of demeaning expletives; like the word also used to describe a female pregnant dog.  

Times are different, clean comedy is better received and the Mooney Twins have grown tremendously as comics. And although they still call themselves ‘conscious comedians’ they seem to be funnier now than ever,” Jordan said.
According to the Mooney Twins, in today’s social climate clean humor is offered up on a platter and is easier than ever to sell, so nothings off limits.

Above all, these days the Mooney Twins maintain a certain familiar dignity, and look for every opportunity to inspire and uplift. But they take the neatest but shortest route to the funny bone these days. Take it from comedian Melanie Camarcho of “1st Amendment Stand Up:” “The Mooney Twins are double funny.”

Look to catch them at the Savoy in Los Angeles, or in comedy rooms all over Hollywood; including the Laugh Factory, the Comedy Store, and Comedy Central. Plus, the Mooney Twins host “An Evening Celebrating the Life of the late social activist, Bo Taylor, at the Celebrity Centre International, Saturday January 16, 2010. 6P.M. to 10 P.M.