Allen Iverson holds daughter Messiah

*NBA star Allen Iverson is taking an indefinite break from the Philadelphia 76ers to care for his 4-year daughter Messiah, who is suffering from an unknown illness.

“At this time, we feel that is in the best interest of the Sixers, Allen and his family that he be allowed to deal with a very serious issue that is far greater than the game of basketball,” said team president and general manager Ed Stefanski.

The athlete and his wife Tawanna are said to be worried sick. “The worst part of it all is that they’re still trying to figure out specifically what’s wrong with her,” a friend of the player told the Philadelphia Inquirer. Apparently, her condition is getting worse.

The source believes Iverson’s “indefinite” leave may mean the remainder of the season.

“The team is concerned about the distraction this could bring, but everyone understands it’s most important for Allen to take care of his family,” the source said.

Messiah’s illness also kept Iverson away from the team for five games before the All-Star break. He returned for three games following the hiatus, but informed the team after Saturday’s loss in Chicago that he was leaving to again be with his family.

Doctors in his Atlanta, where his wife and five children stay, were unable to find ways to address Messiah’s illness. Iverson said that all tests run on his daughter had come back negative.

Last week, Iverson said he was bringing his daughter to Philadelphia so that she could be examined by doctors at Children’s Hospital.

Iverson’s last game was against the Chicago Bulls on Saturday. He informed the team of his decision on Sunday.

Allen has five children children in all from oldest to youngest: Tiaura, Allen Jr., Isiah, Messiah, and Dream.