*”American Idol” contestant Angela Martin appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Friday to talk about her missing mother and to encourage anyone with any information to contact law enforcement.

As previously reported, Viola Brown Martin disappeared following a family dinner in Chicago on Christmas day. She never made it to her intended destination, the house of Angela’s older sister.

After the family filed a missing person’s report, the Glenwood, Ill., police found Viola’s tan-colored 1999 Chrysler Cirrus on New Year’s Eve in the south Chicago suburbs of Riverdale and Dixmoor, not close to her daughter Latrina’s home.

Seacrest, whose nationally-syndicated radio show airs in Chicago, asked Martin if police had any leads on the case.

“No leads, nothing. It’s just like a disappearance almost,” said Martin. “I don’t know what to say. It’s really hard, because, now it’s just coming to a stop. Like, I have to stop looking, I have to stop searching and I have to now just leave it to God, and hopefully she’ll just turn up. …So if anybody sees her, just call.”

Martin, who has a daughter with Rett’s Syndrome (a neurodevelopmental disorder), had previously made it to Hollywood twice on “Idol” — but both times, she left the show early. Her father was murdered during her “Idol” run in 2007 and in 2008 she had to quit because of a warrant over a traffic ticket. Also, Angela mentioned that a cousin recently passed away.

She told Ryan that her family and authorities have looked everywhere for her mom.

“We’ve searched in Harvey, Riverdale, Dixmoor, we’ve searched in Glenwood and all out Chicago. We’ve searched, we’ve put up fliers everywhere. We have no clue where she could be,” said Martin.

Martin also discussed her mom’s past drug problem, and said she wasn’t sure if her mother had recently relapsed.

“We know this much. We’ve been going through so much with my dad and my cousin, and everybody’s just like dying around us,” Martin said. “It’s really been hard. My daughter is having her complications with her seizures. A lot of stress has been on my mom. And for her to be the only parent and have to worry about her kids, I think she really had a nervous breakdown and just left, or relapsed or something like that. But we just want to know if she did that, if someone would just call us and let us know she’s alive.”

Angela goes on to describe her mother’s physical attributes: 56-years-old, 5 feet tall, light skinned, brown and blonde hair, about 165 pounds with a noticeable gap in between her teeth. Also, “she’s really, really nice,” Angela said on the verge of tears.

Listen to Angela’s full interview here.