*Arbitron Inc. (NYSE:  ARB) announced today that the Black Radio Today 2009, How America Listens to Radio and Hispanic Radio Today 2009, How America Listens to Radio have released and are available on Arbitron.com. Both of these studies feature Portable People Meter(TM) (PPM(TM)) data information for the first time.

“Ethnic formatted stations reach millions of listeners everyday,” said Alton Adams.”These studies show the strength of radio as a media companion to ethnic consumers. Radio’s relationship with ethnic listeners has beenconsistent over time; year over year, more than 90 percent of black and Hispanic listeners tune in to radio for news, culture and sounds of the community.”

Black Radio Today 2009, How America Listens to Radio shows

For the first time, Urban Contemporary formatted stations had higher weekend ratings in Fall 08 than in weekday afternoons.

African-American Urban Adult Contemporary listeners spent more time  each week with theformat (8 hours, 30 minutes) than any other format in the study.

More than half of Urban Contemporary’s 18+ consumers attended or graduated from college, and one in seven had advanced degrees or beyond.

News/Talk/Information has 2,634 stations and attracts 2.7 million African-American listeners weekly.

Hispanic Radio Today 2009, How America Listens to Radio key findings include:

#1 English-language format among Hispanics is Rhythmic CHR.

#1 Spanish-Dominant format is Spanish News/Talk.

Radio’sReach among Hispanics Remain Strong.

Radio’sreach among Hispanic listeners has remained between 94% and 96%, sincethe beginning of the Hispanic Radio Today series in 2001 Hispanic weekend ratings have grown in relation to weekday listening

These reports are available on the Radio Today page http://www.arbitron.com/study/grt.asp

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