The Moon in Capricorn on the 9th and 10th interacts very favorably with opportunistic Jupiter in Pisces, signaling a solid business offer that must not be ignored. It will sound like it’s a touch loony, but you will find that it’s being proposed by a person who always thinks outside the box. You know who that person is, the one with an intuitive sense of the right path to take. You will be aided also by the New Moon in Aquarius joining the Sun on the 13th, which will give you a perspective you did not expect, in terms of where your career is heading. Don’t fret, because you will communicate just what the boss wants to hear.


Information flow is smooth at the beginning of this forecast, jump-starting a week that accelerates with gusto on through the weekend. Pay attention to the 13th and how your world seems to solidify and the career is now on course. Your mind is stimulated from a source you’re not used to dealing with on a regular basis. If the person is persistent, he or she really has something of importance to tell you, but can’t find the proper words. Have patience and spend the time figuring it out. You may feel more invigorated than usual on the 13th. Use that energy to restructure your home life.


The Twins now find themselves in the friendly skies, the road or in some mode of travel. Feel free to hit the spots that you are comfortable spending time in, just wait for the weekend. On the 9th, you may want to max out the card by playing with money that comes with strings attached, but fight the urge. The morning of the 15th provides clues to resolving a problem that you had a hard time figuring out. A bold action on that day shakes others up, and points them in a direction that you wanted them to follow in the first place. On the 10th, red tape disappears, easing the way for that confrontation on the 15th.


An important business decision dominates your attention, but you must have more details. It will deal with other people’s money and what they are willing to spend on a project you are being asked to head. You think better on the 9th and 10th when you tap into knowledge you thought you didn’t have.  Be aware of tensions on the 12th, however, when sticky money questions slow you down, but just a bit. Venus enters dreamy Pisces, bringing renewed attention to an old flame from far away. You are merely being asked to remember the days when passion drove you  to great heights creatively.


Get to the point with a partner on the 13th, when the New Moon in Aquarius, your opposite sign, hurls you into the spotlight unexpectedly. For any sign, a New Moon signals a great day for starting a new project. For Leos and their Aquarian counterparts, a fresh project shows that you are in tune with nature and your instincts much more than you both realize. With Venus now in Pisces, take the initiative to pad the bottom line. The 14th and 15th are days when you see just how persuasive you are, especially the 15th when two retrograde planets, Saturn in Libra and Mars in Leo, force you to talk out a problem.


When Venus, the love planet, enters your opposite sign of Pisces on the 11th, you are likely to be in demand. It may just be as a sacrificial lamb, a position you are all too familiar with, so choose your partnerships carefully. The 11th through the 13th are days that are challenging, because you have to make quick decisions. Although you will be the last to admit it, others are bothering you. You’ll find out who the culprits are when you uncover mistakes they made. In reality, it’s not others taking advantage of you, although you will have to rectify the problem. You will have help from an unexpected source.


Let’s just say that you are in a quandary, and it revolves around a pesky problem that has been hovering about you for quite a while. You brought it on by taking on too much responsibility for one to handle alone. Throw out an SOS for help, but don’t look to a Leo, as that is the person who may not realize he or she is the source of irritation. Most aspects point to your work environment as a source of solace and comfort, with a co-worker coming to the rescue and sharing the duties. At home, the 9th and 10th focus shifts to a chore or responsibility that needs your attention. Take care of that before getting too deep into the week.


Your forecast is strangely similar to Libra’s, except that you will need to take care of a home matter later in the week, specifically on the 13th. Take care of actual business matters on the 9th and 10th, as your persuasive tongue moves others to your side. Gamble safely on the 11th when a great aspect urges you to simply trust your instincts over a speculative matter. You will see concrete results on the 14th and 15th when your famed focus reveals a secret game plan that works in your favor. Be careful not to say too much in your conversations. Shouting will not help right now.


Your forecast begins with talk about savings and the dollars and sense that come from being prudent and focused on long-term benefits, rather than on short-term gains. If you are not careful, you may see yourself staying at home rather than hitting the road for some much-needed rest and relaxation over the coming weekend. You are in a talkative mood, particularly on the 13th, when a loose tongue (a noted Sagittarius trait), brings you more headaches than you are used to handling. Here’s a hint: The year of the Tiger on the 14th (Valentine’s Day) sparks a tug of peace, not war, at home.


The focus is squarely on you on the 9th and 10th, when the Moon is in your sign. Sensitive beyond normal on those days, use those good vibrations to sniff out an outstanding proposition on the 13th. Is there a scheme that will hatch on that day? If so, go with as much gusto as you can muster. You will see concrete communications sprout magically, and no matter what you say on the 14th and 15th, you will be looked upon as a visionary worth paying attention to. If there is one snag, it’s in your career when you feel that you had all things going your way, but you may find several potholes that need covering.


Your diplomacy is heightened at the beginning of this forecast, and you will most definitely need it when the New Moon in your sign points to a shift in your world standing. Did you know that most of the world’s celebrities are Aquarian? That’s because they are not afraid to try something new, fresh and innovative. That’s the strength of an Aquarian New Moon. And, tied in with Chinese New Year on St. Valentine’s Day, you are at full strength to grab the reins and whip yourself to a successful finish. Check back with me after the 15th and let me know how the bank account looks. I think you’ll be smiling.


With Venus in your sign, beginning on the 11th through to well past this forecast, you bring an aura of soft vulnerability to your persona. A flash of insight on the 13th will help to guide you as to the best uses of your prodigious talents that day. When the Moon enters your sign in the early morning of the 14th and joins Venus, you will be the center of attention for about two days. Overall, those two days signal massive opportunities after this particular period, when the Sun pushes you to be more of a self-starter. More on that in next week’s horoscope. Just prepare yourself for a lot of attention – and soon!

SARAH PALIN – Born February 11, 1964

Born with her Sun in Aquarius and her Moon in Capricorn, Sarah Palin closely aligns herself with the United States’ Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius, a flip-flop that finds Palin at odds with either moving forward or stuck in traditional ways of looking at life.

Fiery Mars occupies her Sun sign, making Palin one who will hold her ground stubbornly. Her energy level is through the roof, and she will wear her competition down before she gives in.

Add Mercury to that mix in Aquarius and you have a combination of “shoot first, ask questions later,” a stance that Palin finds can often lead to embarrassing situations, ones in which she is constantly being challenged to defend.

That is because Saturn in Aquarius focuses Palin’s thoughts into oftentimes narrow ways of looking at life. Jupiter and Venus are both in Aries, in favorable aspect to her Sun sign, but one that heightens her impulsiveness, yet gifts Palin with great oratory skills. Add those to the previously mentioned massive amounts of planets in Aquarius and one finds that Sarah Palin is simply no pushover.

However, there is a warmth that is missing with all those planets in either Air or Fire. Only dreamy Neptune in Scorpio, impulsive Uranus (her zodiacal ruler) in Virgo gives Sarah Palin any affinity with femininity, however slight. The Moon is also in a feminine sign of Capricorn, but it is the coldest and most ambitious of signs, traits usually assigned to men.

That is what seems to upset people about her, for we usually affix aggressive traits to men in politics as a positive, and when we find them in women, we automatically want to assign them to the kitchen.

Not so with Palin. She stands alone, and proudly, whether one loves her or disagrees with this polarizing entity.