A problem at home, on the 23rd and 24th, focuses on a long-time partnership that could turn sour if not corrected by a calm sit-down to iron out simmering grievances. Is it about who is the boss? The 24th is the day that looks to be the best to reach an amicable agreement. The 26th is a party day, and you are willing to put any acrimony aside from the early part of the week do the grunt work to have the proceedings turn out fine. The 1st focuses on love in the late afternoon, with the Moon in Libra triggering an opposition to Venus, urging you to be far more social than you usually are. You’ll like the outcome.

Your normally stubborn disposition, in which you feel you are right in every situation, gets a real dressing down. You find that, in order to get ahead in life, you must be willing to be the servant. That is the pervading vibration over this whole week, and it will be tested on the 25th and 26th. But the big picture comes into sharper focus over the weekend, when more opportunities arise than you can handle, and you are forced to both delegate and roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Saturday and Sunday find the Moon in analytical Virgo; days when your accounting skills come in handy come tax time.

You get a charge out of learning as much as you possibly can – all the time. That knowledge puts you in a powerful position, when your focus is on the ways you can advance your career. Normally, you tend to be distant, but this week finds the stars dripping with emotions that will aid in the decision making. The 23rd and 24th are positive days for money, and the 25th and 26th will challenge your leadership skills, with the Moon in showy Leo butting up against retrograde Mars. Settle in at home over the weekend and find out how useful you are at repairs, study, play and work: In other words, a typical Gemini weekend.

Blessings continue to rain down on you, as the Sun illuminates the prospects of great benefits in your travels this week. Special days are the 23rd and 24th, when the Moon is in your sign, making you exceedingly impressionable. A sixth sense comes into play and helps you to realize that you are in a position of power, if you don’t let your sensitivity rule your reasoning. An upgrade in salary is virtually guaranteed on the 25th and 26th. Generally, you are an excellent communicator; just be sure that your words are accurate when challenged by the end of this forecast. The powers that be are with you.

If you can hold off making a key decision until the 25th or 26th, when you are at full strength with the Moon in your sign, your patience will reap huge rewards. Then, aspects will bring about a dramatic change in finances by the Full Moon on the 28th. With the Moon in Virgo on that date, you are advised to be of service and make sure you have all critical information in order. Be aware of a confusing situation on the 27th, when another is all talk but is unwilling to reveal concrete facts. As a matter of fact, don’t hold anyone to his or her word until later in the afternoon that day.

Contemplation as to the direction your career is taking has you thinking of how well things have been going lately. Others are paying attention to your progress and want to assist you in any way possible. Go over the things that are inhibiting you, mainly the side that wants to be showy. Several aspects taking place now reveal your charming character to the public in a most positive way. Others simply need to be around you, so look for a very busy week, most notably ending on a high with the Full Moon in your sign on the 28th. That morning finds you in charge, with an abundance of energy.

You reach the heights you’ve been wanting for some time. It took a lot of fortitude and patience, but then you are so used to letting others lead the way, content to follow along. You are in a new position of leadership, due to your ability to balance what both sides are trying to express. However, don’t celebrate yet until a dispute is ironed out that has to do with the real goals in your life. The evening of the 27th will be restless because of a technical issue that reveals itself by the Full Moon on the 28th. On the 1st, when the Moon enters Libra, answers will be provided by, of all people, you.

Emotional turmoil on the 23rd and 24th is not as bad as it seems. Others simply want to make your home as comfortable as possible for you. As a matter of fact, those days test your intuition, which will be strong, and will serve you well when a new opportunity, on the 25th or 26th, turns out to be the one you wanted all along. Take the weekend to sift through the nuts and bolts of the offer, and you will find all sorts of incentives to take it. You may have reservations on the 1st, but the truth is, you’re so ready for the challenge that you are willing to dive in and run the ship the way you deem appropriate.

Has someone owed you money recently? The matter should be resolved right at the beginning of this forecast, much to your surprise. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is making things around your living environment much more lively than normal. You need to soak in the positive vibes that make returning home from work worth the commute. If you haven’t been paying attention to details recently, be advised that the Full Moon on the 28th will directly affect the outcome of a career move you wish to take place. Take the days before then to figure your moves, and then stick to them despite distractions.

This is a particularly busy week for the usually stoic Goat. First, the Moon in your opposite zodiacal sign of Cancer on the 23rd and 24th urges you to be seen, either at home or out on the town. The 25th and 26th are great days for laying out a business plan, while the weekend allows you to go over the small details that may trip you up later, say, on the 1st. The way to communicate your needs is based on intuitive feelings that are uncannily accurate. All indications are that those under you, business-wise, are all ears and very eager to hear whatever plans you craft.

Enjoy the fruits of your forward thinking, which may seem strange to new friends, but make sense to those used to your outside-the-box methods. A sudden concentration of money around the Full Moon of the 28th gives you the opportunity to add new touches of comfort to your home, while you will be the life of the party on the 25th and 26th, when the Moon is in your opposite sign of Leo. Several aspects governing travel and the means to enjoy it warn Aquarians to hold off packing your bags. It has to do with friends being more of a distraction than they should. Others are looking for you to be a rock now.

The Full Moon in Virgo on the 28th directly impacts your social life this forecast. Virgo is your opposite sign, one that is particular about friends and relationships. Here’s hoping that you are prepared for the impact such an aspect will have on you that day. I wouldn’t worry too much because Venus and Jupiter are in your sign, strengthening your abilities to have a great time. Love is so strong right now that you may not have to lift a finger to do any household chores. You are the prince or princess now. The 23rd and 24th are strong days to gamble on a pet project.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Erykah Badu – Born Feb 26, 1971

Erykah Badu

The double Pisces (Sun and Moon in Pisces) puts the ultra in sensitive to the test on a daily basis.

Add a strong aspect to fiery Mars, benevolent Jupiter and illusory Neptune all in Sagittarius and you will not find a more direct person on the planet.

Indeed, Ms. Badu’s lyricism leaves little to the imagination, as she prefers to get her point across to her vast fan base in the shortest distance possible.

Mercury in Aquarius helps to temper that Mars/Jupiter/Neptune and direct that energy into a love of humanity.

Saturn in rock-solid Taurus eliminates any kind of monetary need by making Ms. Badu more conservative in money matters, and gives a reserved quality that belies her wild choices in hair and fashion. Venus in Capricorn suggests that Erykah Badu is all business.

Venus positively aspects the previously mentioned Saturn, meaning that, in love, she will be loyal, as long as she is allowed to be the boss. If anyone does catch Ms. Badu’s attention, they will not find a better mate. She will challenge whoever it is with wisdom well beyond her years, and she will not accept anyone who isn’t as forward-thinking as she is.