You have a lot on your mind with expansive Jupiter now in your house of secrets and service. If you are contemplating a huge move, there are so many little details that you may feel overwhelmed. Here’s a guide: Your sign is symbolic of being “self-centered,” not a slam, because you approach life thinking only of you. With Jupiter protecting your sign, go ahead with those plans, but please be aware that others must also benefit if it is to succeed. A hard decision to make, but it is in the best interest for all, not just you. Best day to start: the 2nd & 3rd, when the Moon is in cooperative Libra, your opposite sign.

Family life continues to be a source of irritation this week, and if you can do anything to lessen the stress you feel now, it’s in being generous to a fault. You have the resources, but may not speak your mind until the weekend, when a flood of information spills out of you. Not all the information will be on the positive, and you may be accused of spilling precious secrets. Don’t worry, it’s only minor. The best days in which you feel at ease in the public eye are the 4th and 5th, so prepare your clothes for success, but also make sure you practice discretion in order not to burn bridges on the road to the top.

A smooth flow of information continues this forecast period. You are a fountain of inspiration, much of it coming from a new-found tap into the past. Use that skill to charge others to do your bidding, and they will never suspect that you are maneuvering to get your way. The Moon is in your opposite sign of Sagittarius the entire weekend and up until the end of this forecast period, signaling an urge to travel, quote from the great philosophical books, and chat until the break of dawn. It’s all good, so feel free to reveal your inner personality, which is particularly aglow right about now.

It was a nice trip, now you have to return and repair a number of problems that were not apparent before you left. Take the time for such on the 2nd and 3rd, then relax and focus on your future on the 4th and 5th. By the weekend, offers should start pouring in on the job front. For those who are already employed, you will more than likely book the weekend for overtime work; just expect to be very, very busy. If there is an overall theme to this forecast for all Moonchildren, it’s that the more work you put in, the better your financial situation. Others are talking about you, some positively; don’t fret the negative.

That seemingly endless pile of bills and money matters continue to weigh on you. Not much can be said through the stars to improve that particular area of your life. However, you now have the freedom to state your case, especially from the 6th to the 8th, and perhaps improve your account. You’ll be particularly persuasive on the 4th and 5th, when a powerful Moon in Scorpio sharpens your attack to laser-like precision. Then, the weekend previously mentioned should go your way. With Jupiter bringing in financial promises from outside sources, you will find you’re not in as deep a mess as you thought.

Jupiter in Pisces, your opposite sign, continues to make you more popular lately. Friends and family bring you opportunities that allow you to function more freely. However, there is a bump in the road, the pesky and burdensome Saturn in Libra, your money sector, trying its best to make life more challenging than it already is. There are guardian angels, particularly in your work environment, and the afore-mentioned Jupiter. But Mars in Leo tends to keep you worrying about a secret. That’s okay; you like to work through problems more than any other sign in the zodiac.

Your forecast starts with the Moon in your sign on the 2nd and 3rd. That means you may be slightly more sensitive to what people think and say about you. They will pretty much reveal faults and traits that are actually far more positive than they realize. Besides, no one is perfect, and you are going through an intense period of self evaluation. Tell them to be patient with you, because these things take time. You’ll feel free to lash back over the weekend, and your tongue will be especially sting-like. However, be forewarned that you are the peace sign, so be more diplomatic in what you say.

Your subconscious thoughts are coming to the forefront more than normal. You have to take a load off your life, what with the Moon pointing out your inner thoughts on the 2nd and 3rd. Then the next two days showers attention on you alone, which will prepare you for a tumultuous weekend of pleasure at, say, a casino, where your gambling urges are coupled with a winning streak that will surprise those around you. Your home life is quite stimulating at this time, and you now find yourself far more comfortable in that environment.

Your goals in life are very near this week. Just do not forget to go over the details of a very important project. All will be revealed to you in the middle of the week, when you find that your powers of concentration are sharper than normal. This allows you to focus, especially on the 4th and 5th, on communicating exactly where you stand. With the Moon in your sign from the 6th to the 8th, you are in your element to speak your mind. Just keep in mind that words carry significant weight, so you may need a filter to keep others from misinterpreting your intent.

If money has been on your mind more than normal, do not fret. Use your powers of organization to craft the kind of outcome you expect. Venus and dreamy, deceptive Neptune in Aquarius combine with the Sun (also in Aquarius) to make a money or actual physical property offer look more tempting than it is. Clues point to the home as an area of concern. There’s a bigger picture than what’s in your frame right now. Truth be told, you’ll have a clue at your fingertips from the 6th to the 8th. As a matter of fact, the entire weekend is one huge storm that needs your calm direction to navigate.

Did you survive last week’s Full Moon in your opposite sign of Leo? Did you act out more demonstratively than you normally do? Let’s hope so, because that bold move had the positive effect of setting you up for a career shake-up on the 5th that should last for a while. You are experiencing a burst of money freedom that you haven’t felt in, oh, about 12 years. It lasts for five furiously-paced months before moving on to another sign. See if you can force an issue on the 6th, a very active day. By the 7th and most notably for those born on the 8th, Aquarians will reap rewards and can spend to their hearts’ content.

Are you used to the attention you’ve been getting recently? For the most part, Pisces is about the luckiest sign in the zodiac, but aspects also bring about huge burdens that will distract you from your purpose. See to it that money does not come in the way at the beginning of this forecast, because you may not be in good financial shape at the moment. Hold on to every penny until well after this period, even though you may want to throw caution to the wind over the weekend. Don’t be tempted! Look to the 4th and 5th as days to extract something from someone; you will be successful, thanks to a renewed focus.


CHRIS ROCK – Born February 7, 1966
Comedian, actor and laugh-out-loud spokesman on black culture, this Aquarian has garnered a solid reputation as a no-nonsense commentator on today’s social condition.

Rock has his Moon in Virgo, and right there we can see how he gets his penetrating analyses down so pat. Virgo, with its fabled attention to detail, lets very little slip beyond its observant eye, catching every nuance and foible that makes humans tick.

If you’ve see one of Chris Rock’s hilarious stand-up routines-either live or on one of his many specials-the viewer is struck by the little things that catch his sharp eye. Nowhere is that more evident than on his television show “Everybody Hates Chris.” Jupiter in fellow Air sign Gemini indicates an over-active mind, curious about all things to the point of obsession.

Thus, the flow of information shows no sign of abating. One negative is a 90 degree “T-Square” aspect of Jupiter to his Earthy Moon and Uranus in Virgo and to a Saturn and Mars conjunction in Pisces, indicating that his mind is ultra-sharp and to the point; he may be brutal sometimes, but Chris Rock WILL have you laughing.

Speaking of Saturn and Mars, these planets occupy the chart sector of money and personal possessions, indicating a tightwad, or more liberally, one who obsessively knows where every penny is in his account. Mercury in Aquarius exhibits a symbiosis between his mind and his objectives, and works well with his Jupiter in Gemini; in other words, Chris Rock knows exactly where his career is headed. Add Venus to cold, calculating Capricorn, and that is doubly true of our subject.

There is no doubt that Chris Rock knows his station in life, and 2010 ought to find the world appreciating his unique craft even more, and laughing even harder with him.