Angela Carr Patterson

*I heard someone ask the question, “Are you spending more time balancing your checkbook, than you are balancing your life?” During these tough economic times we now live, people are running scared. They are pre-occupied with job security, having enough money to pay the mortgage, medical and credit card bills…and rightfully so.

With all the bad news coming from the media and our government, it is enough to send us all into a frightened panic. That’s if you have chosen to participate in that world.

As for me, I have decided not to participate in fear, recession or financial failure. I have chosen to live by a set of laws that are governed by a God who owns more than I could ever imagine. When we place more of our focus on adding balance to our lives, than we do balancing our check books, then we can become free from financial failure.

We can chose to concentrate on being more thankful for our gifts, talents and skills in which we have been blessed and realize that these things are priceless. When we place our emphasis on giving of these gifts and talents to the world as a means to alleviate suffering, we will bring our lives back into balance.

I no longer walk in fear, but in love. I no longer focus on taking but on that of giving. Yes, we should balance our checkbooks to be efficient in our business dealings. But we must also be sure to pray and meditate regularly to keep ourselves balanced.

When we become more God focused, more love focused, when we remain balanced, something miraculous happens. Our check book tends to become balanced and even increase in dollars.
Wow, isn’t it great to know that we are a part of the solution!

Angela Carr Patterson is a Lifestyle Coach, Author and Transformational Speaker.  She is the founder of The Love Lifestyle Center, and The Love Story Women Circle, an online global community of women seeking to embrace love, celebration and transformation in their lives. Their goal is to reach one million women through the internet. Email her via: [email protected].