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*”Tavis said it right: if Black America’s recognized leaders are unwilling to push President Obama on these issues now, how can they expect to hold the moral authority to question any other president henceforth about issue directly pertaining to Black America? The answer would be that they couldn’t. Thus, we either need to change the paradigm of how Black America’s leaders will deal with this president in earnest honesty concerning these harsh times for Americans – as notably African-Americans – or we need to change the paradigm of Black America’s leadership to a new gathering of ideas, perspectives, and participants.”

Political and social activist was one of the few invited to an exclusive post-commentary conference call highlight author and media mogul Tavis Smiley’s commentary on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” this morning.

Smiley’s commentary took to task several Black leaders that have backed away from criticizing President Obama during the recession by noting publicly that the president should not have a “Black agenda” because he is “…the president of all of America, not just Black America.” Within the commentary, Smiley announced a conference in Chicago on March 20, 2010 with some of the leading Black intelligentsia of the day in order to sort through this potential crossroads in Black America.

The nationally-televised forum, We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda, will be held from 8 am – noon Saturday, March 20 at Chicago State University’s Emil and Patricia A. Jones Convocation Center, 9501 South King Dr., Chicago, IL.

McAllister was invited as one of only four media “bloggers” to dialogue with Smiley after the live commentary on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” this morning about his stance and next steps moving forward.

“I agree that there needs to be a conversation around this,” McAllister noted after the conference call. “Are these not many of the same people that for years has pushed the White House on issues that directly impact and benefit Black America? Now we are relieved of this need because the president is African-American, even after he cut education funding for poor Black students in 2009 and proposes cuts to minority business funding in 2011, while at the same time increasing funding for overseas abortions of Black children globally and increasing funding for TANF and other programs that assist those in poverty but does not provide the means to overcome poverty?

McAllister is likely to be a participant in the Chicago event in March as well as meeting his obligations as the emcee of the Frederick Douglass Foundation Leadership Summit earlier that weekend in Washington, DC.

McAllister’s latest article on The Daily Caller (http://dailycaller.com/2010/02/23/obamacare-we-can-believe-in/) is now available.

Lenny McAllister’s popularity as a public speaker, political analyst, and community activist continues to grow on the national stage as a “proud young conservative”  and community activist that speaks effectively to a diverse America.

The North Carolina-based politico will be a featured speaker at the Tea Party Patriots’ Event in Atlanta, GA this upcoming Saturday, February 27, 2010. In addition to McAllister’s featured speech, the highlighted speaker will be noted actor Stephen Baldwin. The event begins at 3 PM EST and will receive national media coverage from outlets including CBS’s “60 Minutes” as well as local media and cable coverage. He will be the keynote speaker in Harnett County (NC) on Thursday evening at the Lincoln Day Dinner.

McAllister’s speech will likely mirror much of his recent articles and speeches found throughout the national political and societal conversations so far in 2010.

McAllister will emcee the Frederick Douglass Foundation Leadership Summit (http://www.frederickdouglassfoundation.com/) in Washington, DC from March 18 – March 20 that will feature several congressional candidates and statewide candidates from around the country.

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Lenny McAllister is a political commentator and social orator featured regularly on various television outlets, on Sirius-XM Radio and other radio stations, and online as a syndicated writer nationally. McAllister is an socially-conscious conservative with a mission to make positive changes to the status quo within politics, social issues and other issues that hamper our American way of life. His public speaking appearances, op-ed commentaries, and community work share a common purpose: serving people and building a better America for her citizens.