(l-r) Charles Pugh and Marvin L. Winans

*Detroit has a long rich history between its strippers and patrons.  So, it’s only fitting that Detroit’s City Council President, Charles Pugh, got up and expressed his displeasure with the way the patrons and owners of the strip clubs are being discriminated against during the city’s latest attempt at a crackdown on the red light district.

According to the Detroit News, Pugh was on a local gospel channel with Marvin Winans, pastor of Perfecting Church, comparing the rights of African Americans in this country to strippers and the proposed restrictions on their clientele in the clubs.

He was quoted saying, “You’re making a judgment about what’s being sold. Some people made a judgment against African-Americans having the audacity of walking in the front door,” Pugh said. “I’m talking about discrimination. I’m talking about targeting laws against law-abiding businesses.” (more…)