*TV One continues its Black History Month-themed “Way Black When” programming tonight with a celebration of classic black sitcoms as part of “Color TV Week.”

Instead of simply re-airing “The Jeffersons,” “Sanford & Son,” “Good Times,” “What’s Happening” and “A Different World,” the network has invited stars of the various shows to discuss their experiences preceding the 8:30 p.m. of their episodes. [Scroll down to view the full schedule.]

Walker & Ester Rolle in scene from 'Good Times'

Each night at 8, Darryl Bell (“A Different World”) hosts a 30-minute discussion with Marla Gibbs (“The Jeffersons”), Ernest Thomas and Haywood Nelson (“What’s Happening”) and Jimmie “JJ” Walker and BernNadette Stanis (“Good Times”).

In an interview with EUR’s Lee Bailey after the taping, Walker revealed the origin of his character’s signature line, “Dy-no-mite!”

“That came from John Rich, one of our lovely directors,” Walker revealed. “I did it one day in rehearsal just fooling around and John says, ‘Oh no, we got something here.’ John was the one who set it up, made it all a big thing, and the whole deal.”

The show’s executive producer, however, wasn’t as enthusiastic about the line.

“Norman Lear didn’t like it, but John Rich liked it. And then much to Norman’s chagrin, it became bigger than Norman Lear,” said Walker. “So they couldn’t get rid of it.”

TV One’s Color TV Week Schedule (Feb. 15-19)

Mon @ 8:30pm(ET) – What’s Happening: Rog, Duane and Re-Run are all back with featured episodes of this feel-good classic.

Tues @ 8:30pm (ET) – Good Times: Growing up in the Chicago projects was never easy, but the Evans family showed you could make it with love.

Wed @ 8:30pm (ET) – Sanford & Son: Red Foxx’s became an icon with his grouchy, garbage collecting Fred Sandford.

Thurs @ 8:30pm (ET) – The Jeffersons: Before Barack and Michelle, we had George and Weezy, two upwardly-mobile, successful Black folks showing how to get things done.

Fri @ 8:30pm (ET) – A Different World: Already part of the TV One network, we’re devoting a whole night to this hit Cosby Show spin-off.