*The Detroit News has exposed the IRS troubles of rapper/actress Eve, who apparently owes $357,000 in delinquent state and federal taxes.

The IRS in Los Angeles filed two liens against her in January 2008, one for $242,245 and another for $56,597, according to the newspaper. In January of 2009, the Los Angeles IRS filed two more liens against Eve, one for $29,439 and other for $29,059.

In January of this year, Eve placed her four bedroom, five bathroom Los Angeles mansion up for sale for $2,295,000.

Meanwhile, Eve was revealed this month as being linked to the federal government’s investigation into her ex-boyfriend, Teodorin Nguema Obiang, son of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea.

Obiang is accused of setting up several companies that fronted for his illegal activity, including a shop in honor of Eve named Sweet Pink Inc.

He allegedly used the companies to launder hundreds of millions of dollars in corrupt funds that were diverted from Equatiorial Guinea’s gas and oil reserves.