*He may be a little fella, but he’s got a big ol’ bad temper and a serious potty mouth to boot.

Earlier this week Gary Coleman reportedly went ballistic at a TV taping and said all kids of unmentionables before storming out of an interview after he asked about his recent domestic violence arrest.

WENN reports the former child star agreed to appear on “The Insider” to set the record straight about his arrest following a domestic dispute at his home in January involving wife Shannon Price.

He was handed a suspended sentence of 31 and a half days in jail and ordered to attend a domestic violence course after pleading guilty to one count of domestic violence criminal mischief at a court hearing on February 8.

However, when the show’s guest lawyer Lisa Bloom asked him whether he attacked his wife, Coleman lost it and began an expletive filled rant at the attorney. He reportedly said, “She’s (Bloom) pushing my buttons and I don’t like her now, the next thing I’m going to do is leave, f**k you all.”

Coleman then stormed off the set, reportedly cursing all the way to his waiting car outside the studio.

The “Insider” host Lara Spencer later said she was shocked by the outburst, telling Bloom, “I thought he was almost going to get violent with you. I got scared for you Lisa.”

OK, so when are we going to see the incident?