Isaiah D. Thomas

*According to a press release from independent gospel label Habakkuk Music, label member Isaiah Thomas is still contractually obligated to record an album with them, but is allegedly connected to another label.

Thomas is the leader of the Maryland-based 2008 Stellar Award winning Contemporary Choir of the Year, Elements of Praise.

Thomas is also an acclaimed songwriter who penned the Byron Cage praise anthem “I Will Bless the Lord.” While Habakkuk claims they have an exclusive music agreement with Thomas and intend to record a second album with him, they will pursue necessary legal action if he continues to breach their existing contract. The notice demands that both Thomas and Global Gospel Music Group cease and desist their agreement. The release also serves notice to the gospel industry that Isaiah Thomas is off limits.

(We were unable to find any details online about Global Gospel Music Group. Mr. Thomas has been contacted to offer his side of this story.)

Read the entire press release from Habakkuk Music below:

Baltimore, Maryland – It has come to the attention of Habakkuk Music, Inc. that Mr. Isaiah Thomas is currently holding himself out as an artist for Global Gospel Music Group. Habakkuk Music asserts that Mr. Thomas has an Exclusive Music Agreement in place with Habakkuk Music. Against the belief of Mr. Thomas, this agreement has not been severed. Habakkuk Music has always intended to work with Mr. Thomas on his second album and has every intention to do so.

Contrary to Mr. Thomas’ belief that his obligations have ceased, Mr. Thomas is still under a continuing obligation to Habakkuk Music. Assuming that Mr. Thomas was unaware of Habakkuk Music’s intention to continue business relations and did not intentionally violate his contract, Habakkuk Music gave sufficient notice on June 18, 2009 of a desire to continue working with Mr. Thomas on his second album.

This statement serves to give notification that Habakkuk Music still maintains an exclusive and unlimited right to all the results and proceeds of Mr. Thomas’ recording services and that Mr. Thomas and Global Gospel Music Group has no rights to manufacture, advertise, promote, sell, lease, license distribution of or otherwise use of the proceeds. Therefore, the agreement with Global Gospel Music Group is unethical and must cease immediately. Habakkuk Music wishes to settle this in an amicable, private and expeditious manner. However, should Mr. Thomas choose to continue moving forward with breaching his contract with Habakkuk Music, the label will take all legal action necessary to protect its rights, including but not limited to, bringing a claim for monetary damages and injunctive relief.

About Habakkuk Music –
Habakkuk Music, Inc., an independent gospel music recording label, which launched in September 2008, has a formidable distribution agreement with Universal Music/Fontana Distribution, which includes retail distribution in the United States, Canada and digital worldwide.

Other artists on the label include 2009 Stellar Award Winner Jessica Greene, Rev. Stefanie R. Minatee & Jubilation, Lisa Page-Brooks, James Grear & Company, Kevin Levar & One Sound, Papa San, Debra Ashley and more announcements coming soon!