*When I watched Tiger Woods give his Mea Culpa, I said to myself, “This looks more like a presidential address than an athlete confessing to his sins.” Don’t we have more important things to cover than this? Isn’t this just a sports story?

But the American public loves scandal, and the Tiger Woods story has all the ingredients. Sex, race, money, violence, fame — the only thing it doesn’t have is death. Although this seems like the mother of all PR disasters — clean-cut golfer goes sex crazy with porn stars — it really isn’t that bad. There are no dead bodies, child sex abuse accusations or major financial misdeeds. (In many parts of the world, this wouldn’t even be a story.) Tiger’s story has received more air time than the Bernie Madoff scandal, which affected a lot more people.

Woods has not helped the situation by stubbornly refusing to talk to the media. By doing this, he has allowed the media to control the story. So now we have media figures analyzing an interview with a Vegas cocktail waitress who met Woods three times! Although with mistresses coming out of the woodwork daily, it would take a PR team working round the clock to deal with this scandal. But here is how I would have handled it, if I was advising Tiger:

  • Admit fault. The American public is very forgiving of a remorseful sinner. Tiger may be angry that people are prying into his personal life. He might also feel aggrieved that other athletes are getting a bye for similar behavior, but in puritanical America having sex romps with porn stars is not cool. It doesn’t make Corporate America happy either, because they don’t want soccer moms picturing you having threesomes while they are buying Wheaties. The only way you can spin this story for the American public is do a major interview where you admit that you have a problem, and are seeking treatment for it.
  • Stop the bleeding. Tiger can deal with questions about previous sex romps by simply saying, “I did many things in my past that I am not proud of, but now I want to concentrate on the future and a more responsible lifestyle.” Period, end of conversation. This should stop any further dissection of past sex romps. Tiger needs to stay on point in interviews.

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