*To lose one’s mind literally can be a frightening reality. People in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can become aware that something dreadful is taking place within them.

The person seems to be fine as far as outward appearances are concerned, but no known cure or treatment stops the deadly onslaught. To lose one’s mind can also mean to lose one’s composure, or self-control. The Bible offers abundant help as we all face those times when the world seems to come crushing down upon us.

Those times of testing, some times even engaging in spiritual warfare, are inevitable (2 Cor. 10:3-5). All of us “walk in the flesh” in the sense that we are human beings. This fact necessarily creates moral problems.

For example, physical desires are not in themselves evil. The problem arises when we lose control of those impulses as they come to dominate us.

The excess of these urges then becomes “flesh” in a moral sense, that is, sin. War against our basic instincts demands a spiritual set of principles in our dealing with them. Our weapons originate with God Himself as He enables us to pull down strongholds.

It is easy to blame those fortresses on Satan, but their description points to personal problems within us. Those imaginations (KJV) direct attention to those arguments and kinds of reasoning which must be brought into captivity to God. Those fortifications of the mind must be assaulted directly, captured, and held in check by God’s Spirit.

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